Fuck I am finally flying somewhere it’s been forever

It’s been a while. No, I didn’t die. At least on the outside.

I was dying on the inside, though, until about 72 hours when a friend of mine who’s studying in Europe asked me if I wanted to come over and go somewhere. I’m like, “Sure, where?” And he said “how about Moldova?” Because he’s an awesome traveler, so of course he’d want to go somewhere other people don’t go. Continue reading

JetBlue credit cards: pointless, stupid, or worth having?

Here we are at the fourth and probably last entry in my airline credit card series! Whoo fucking hoo. Previous posts have been about the cards offered by United, Delta, and American. That’s where we’re gonna stop, because I rarely, if ever, fly Alaska, Southwest, Frontier, Allegiant, Spirit, Hawaiian, or Sun Country, much less Elite, Silver, or Great Lakes, and definitely not Ravn Alaska, Boutique, Cape, Mokulele, the many Contour/Public Charter dba’s, or any of the other tiny domestic airlines I didn’t know existed before today. No, I did not make those up. They are actual US airlines. I bet they don’t have credit cards, though. I only just discovered Boutique by accident, right now, when Googling route maps for the others. They make money when no one flies them because they service federally subsidized routes. I can’t even find a single list of every airline that exists, but weirdo airlines come up just the same when you search in Google Flights or whatever if you type in the right city pair. (Also, Southwest, maybe consider listing your fucking prices in search engines, huh, and I’ll at least consider you for short flights? Until then, you’re dead to me.)

Anyway, I digress, pretty substantially, as it turns out. What about the JetBlue cards?  Continue reading

American credit cards: pointless, stupid, or worth having? (updated July 2018)

This is now number three in an increasingly boring series. I’ve already covered United and Delta, but I’m too fucking lazy to link to those posts, so if you care, just…I don’t know, go to the web site and find them, or something. Do you expect me to do all the work for you? Continue reading

Delta credit cards: Stupid, pointless, or worth having?

It’s Delta’s turn. Delta cards are usually stupid to spend on because a) Delta miles are craptastic and b) you can instead earn Amex Membership Rewards points on an Amex Everyday Preferred or Blue Business Plus, where they will accumulate faster, and can be transferred to Delta and several other airlines, or used as cash towards any ticket. So are the Delta cards worth having at all? Continue reading

United credit cards: stupid, pointless, or worth having?

You know you’ve heard me knobjob cards that earn transferable points like Chase Ultimate Rewards and Amex Membership Rewards, but do airline cards ever make sense? I dunno. That’s why I’m writing this. One post per airline. First up…United. Duh.

In general, United cards are dumb to spend on, because you could instead be spending on a Chase Sapphire Reserve, or Preferred, or Freedom Unlimited, or Ink Business Preferred, and earning more Ultimate Rewards points than you would United miles, and you can always transfer those points to United, but you can also transfer the points to some other airlines, or use them as cash towards any airline ticket. So are the United cards worth having at all?

Continue reading