United’s new web site makes me want to projectile vomit, ideally on its designers

What the fuck is it with the current web development trend in which everything has to be in GIGANTIC fonts to waste as much space as possible and require you to scroll forever to find what little information is available? Why has Delta done this to their site? Why has United done this to their site? What was wrong with the old site that had the cool sliding boxes? WHY DO YOU NOW HAVE TO SCROLL TO SEE ALL OF YOUR TRIPS RATHER THAN JUST SEE THEM IN A LIST?? The new site has no more functionality. It’s just huge and ugly. I hate it. That is all.

Fortunately, the old site is still partially visible in Firefox, though I don’t expect that to last.

OMFG Delta just gave me $1,200 in near-cash for volunteering to be three hours late

Greetings from 30,000 feet! I’m using the hour of free Gogo WiFi that being a T-Mobile customer gets me. It’s a nice perk.

Anyway, holy shit, check this out: my friend Anthony and I were to be on a flight from LGA to MCI (that’s Kansas City, in case you aren’t up on your midwestern airport codes). Continue reading

Itinerary Splitting: Getting free Economy Plus for someone flying solo

I’m United Premier Gold, and one excellent thing that gets me is free Economy Plus seats at booking for myself and a single companion. (You can also get this awesome power without being Gold by buying the Economy Plus subscription, which is what made me a United whore in the first place.)

Caroline needed to fly to San Francisco to pick up our six year old nephew and bring him back for a week with his grandparents, who were then going to fly him back. The GP’s are in New Jersey, so we were definitely talking about United, who own both SFO and EWR. It was my job to figure out how to how to get everyone’s asses into Economy Plus seats for free, when I wasn’t even flying. Continue reading

Do you maybe just want some fucking cash back instead? [updated Jan 2019]

I don’t really do cash back cards, because I want to travel in business class when I can, and points that can be turned into airline miles for award tickets are the best way for me to do that. That’s why I got into this nonsense.

But there’s a case for cash back cards if you don’t have biz class ambitions, or you don’t want to have to figure out the difference between paying with points vs booking award tickets and crap like that, or you primarily fly an airline whose award prices follow their cash prices, like Delta, JetBlue, or Southwest. Cash is cash, and it’s easy to understand and deal with. And with some of the cards that are available, you can get between 2% and 5% back on all your spending without even having annual fees. Continue reading

Your life sucks, chapter 35: spending on Marriott Biz card won’t earn you elite nights no more

Quickie here, but: according to a post by Frequent Miler and others, you are going to be banned from all Marriott, SPG, and Ritz properties. Jk jk. No, instead, on August 26, the Chase Marriott Rewards Premier Business card is losing its benefit where you get an elite night for every $3,000 spent — though, like the other Marriott and SPG cards, you’ll now get 15 elite nights annually just for having the card (though having multiple Marriott or SPG cards won’t get you more than 15 nights). The card is also being renamed to Marriott Premier Plus Business, but it’s not a new card.

The personal Marriott Rewards Premier card, if you don’t upgrade it to the new Marriott Rewards Plus card, does seem to be keeping the benefit, leaving it as the only card that still lets you earn elite nights by spending (and now you’ll be getting twice as many Marriott points for doing so, as all the cards, old and new, will earn a minimum of two points per dollar spent).

The Ritz card is now going to get free Gold elite status, rather than requiring that you spend $10,000 as it used to, but, in the new program, free Gold is like free mold. You can still spend $75,000 for Platinum, which is almost as good old Marriott Platinum Premier and SPG Platinum, though you’ll still be a mid-tier bitch when it comes to attention and upgrades, behind the new Platinum Premier and new Platinum Premier with Ambassador Service members, even though their benefits aren’t notably better.

I don’t really give two fucks about these cards, but passing it along in case it matters to you before the SPG/Marriott rewards programs go boom. I’ll do a full rundown of all the old and new SPG/Marriott/Ritz cards once the dust has settled in late August.