This blog will no longer ruin your computer and steal your identity

I fixed the SSL problem that was making your browsers tell you that my site was hacked by ISIS and has a video of you watching porn that will be sent to your friends if you don’t surrender money.

You can now visit either encrypted (https) or unencrypted (http), and I don’t really care which, since I don’t collect info here.

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State Of My Credit Card Union

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I’m taking stock of where things stand here in 2019, and I figure a good a place as any is with what cards I’ve got these days, and why. I’ve been avoiding signing up for new personal cards so that I can acquire some new Chase cards this year, so I’ve been mostly dropping cards. In other words, what’s in my wallet? (Not a Capital One card, I can tell you that.) Continue reading

United 787-10’s have three rows of deluxe seats at no additional charge, for now

Since I’m so fucking verbose, I’m gonna start something new on my blog: bullet point summaries to lead off. Then the addled among you who choose not to luxuriate in my bountiful prose stylings can still get the goods. Here goes:

  • If you’re in Economy Plus on a United 787-10 aircraft, sit in rows 20-22 for a much nicer seat. And, if you’re traveling as a couple and choose a window, you’ll have no seatmate.

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United’s new web site makes me want to projectile vomit, ideally on its designers

What the fuck is it with the current web development trend in which everything has to be in GIGANTIC fonts to waste as much space as possible and require you to scroll forever to find what little information is available? Why has Delta done this to their site? Why has United done this to their site? What was wrong with the old site that had the cool sliding boxes? WHY DO YOU NOW HAVE TO SCROLL TO SEE ALL OF YOUR TRIPS RATHER THAN JUST SEE THEM IN A LIST?? The new site has no more functionality. It’s just huge and ugly. I hate it. That is all.

Fortunately, the old site is still partially visible in Firefox, though I don’t expect that to last.