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Economy Plus

Better seats and amenities via seatguru etc

Booking award travel through partners of partners

Best way to search for and book tickets

How to take AirTrain to Newark and JFK

Upgrading with miles

? spend everything you can on a card, esp your biz

how to get biz saver

United Expert Mode

links (tpg etc, scotts deals)

categories for disparate topics in menu

miles bookers

status challenge/match

how I organize my cards

Carmel vs Uber (I am an establishmentariran, establishment represents safety)

creeping revenue-based rewards

$450 cards review

super “Luxury cards” review (Centurion, Palladium, Luxury Card, etc)

portal super hacking/stacking

credit rating

comparing airline cards

earning from other carriers on your chosen carrier

Chase reconsideration line

threatening to cancel

United employee in Chicago airport who upgraded me

What is Visa Signature and MasterCard World?

What’s the diff between Visa and MasterCard and Amex anyway?

best cash back cards

places I’ve been

beward fuel surcharges, especially BA

hotels are shitty redemptions

Other card benefits (purchase protection etc)

Reconsideration line

Threatening to cancel to comp the annual fee

My story of applying for the dumb Reserve

keeping your points

all my reddit posts

SPG/Marriott merger, get SPG card

couple alternation (think this out)



“making confusing landscapes of shit simple”

“just do this. your life will be better.”

“Don’t do this. Your life will be worse.”

saving money with multiple FU’s, single Sapphire

getting credit/FICO score

Canada AirMiles


other non-travel stuff:

Hotel lobbies that I’ve worked in

Wi-Fi anywhere

Dessert list

Best way to get from one place to another

Why I don’t have a dishwasher?

Optimistic Dyspepsia

Enjoy my “hedonism” — my love of various things

keeping me in “that role: analysis and recommendation”

get coaches to help you

I’m not good when I’m saying something just to say it

If I’m interested in it, striking me, it’s probably because I want to provide something useful.

“don’t take this highway, take that highway”

I used to read the Thomas Guide

I enjoy being right



find blogs I can post it in the comments for

find blogs I can guest blog on

make videos



create a guest list of 5-10 people (cheerleaders), explain that this is a writing project:










What are the ground rules? Article topic suggestions? No less swearing, no criticism? Not asking you read constantly or every day? Important to feel like I’m writing for people I care about. Positive feedback and/or topic suggestion. I’ll let you know when I’m ready for constructive criticism.



trips to take, so I can keep status:





other trips to take/moves to make:

Try to upgrade Klaus K room with Starpoints?

Bali: can use 160,000 MR points for Caroline (Delta), and 150,000 UR points for me, to fly same Korean Air biz class flight. What about Cathay? (UR -> Air France)

cards I have in last 24 months:

  • Banana [expires in November]
  • FU
  • FU-Caroline
  • SP-Caroline
  • Ink Plus
  • Citi

cards I want:

  • Sapphire Preferred for IX (me, July 8; put VAI on it; need for taxis) [3rd card]
  • Citi Prestige (me, November, for clubs and 4th hotel night free; $350/year if apply in-branch, but $250 travel credit back; maybe wait until next trip) [6th card]
  • Freedom Unlimited for IX (Caroline or maybe dad, July 8, put all on it except telecom and dinner; add VAI after Sapphire Preferred spending is met) [C-3rd card]
  • MileagePlus Club (me, November, if I am going to lose United status) [5th card]


  • Possible other stuff to get:
  • Freedom (me, November or later, not essential; maybe don’t apply if 5 cards) [7th card]
  • Ink Cash (Caroline, May, signup bonus; biz can switch to this and close Ink Plus in April) [C-5th card, unless we just downgrade the Ink Plus because fuck it]
  • Anyone else offering points (AA particularly)
  • SPG or Amex Platinum if they’re having a good signup bonus, but I’m probably ruling out because VAI is our best MS option and they don’t take Amex

FICO scores July 2016:

Experian 8, as reported by Amex: 727 out of ?? (as of July 2, 2016)

Equifax 8, as reported by Citi: 752 out of 900 (not sure as of what date, and Bankcard score)

MyFico sez, as of 7/11/16: Equifax: 743, TransUnion: 740, Experian 735 (Chase uses Experian)

Strategy might be to keep tick-tocking the business every year between the Ink Cash and Ink Plus, closing the other so we can reapply and get bonus the following year, and using VAI to meet our spend if they don’t mind changing cards regularly. Or if too greedy, stay on Ink Cash. Either way, only charges on it should be telecom, everything else should be on the biz Sapphire Preferred (dinners, biz travel) or Freedom Unlimited (other).

My plan 7/11/16: find out if I can even have a Sapphire Preferred on the business account login. If not, discuss with Caroline about using for taxis and VAI for signup bonus, and the biz writes the check for the card that’s otherwise in my account which she can check or it can auto-pay from biz bank account. If she says no, I just get it for myself, pay the gym and personal food with it, and decide if I want to keep paying for it a year from now. Anyway I think we lower the credit limit on the Ink Cash to 3K and the Plus to 25K, so that will free up $18K for the Sapphire application. I think I wait until Wednesday and then I have her send me the invite again to a different email address, not getting it was a blessing in disguise. Then I get that Citi Prestige card and try to use it for Finland.

Chase verification line

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