This blog will no longer ruin your computer and steal your identity

I fixed the SSL problem that was making your browsers tell you that my site was hacked by ISIS and has a video of you watching porn that will be sent to your friends if you don’t surrender money.

You can now visit either encrypted (https) or unencrypted (http), and I don’t really care which, since I don’t collect info here.

In other news, I woke up Saturday morning, felt like visiting a friend in Virginia, and was able to do so for a paltry 20,000 United miles (so, Chase points) round trip, same day up and back. So, I jumped in a a Lyft an 1 hour and 20 minutes before the flight, bought my ticket on the way to Newark, and thought I had it made in the shade. Then I got to the TSA Precheck line…and got the dreaded Expedited card, meaning PreCheck line ain’t open. I barely made the flight while I waited for families to put each and every stuffed animal in the bins or whatever the hell was happening in the claustrophobic security corridors of the pit that is Newark Terminal A.

I don’t know if this is part of the TSA “sick-out” that is happening while their staff are expected to work unpaid during the government shutdown, but I’m reading about other stories like these. Leave extra time until we have a wall that Mexico pays for. And if you get an Expedited card instead of real Precheck, and you’re up against a long line, see if you’re elegible for the First/Business/Elite line (e.g. United Premier Access) and use that instead. I shoulda done that, but anyway it was a fun trip and this is why I love United miles and Chase points.

2 thoughts on “This blog will no longer ruin your computer and steal your identity

  1. @perpetualshtlst

    I’ve been meaning to point out that this shit is amazing, but it is still shit. Why shouldn’t airlines be able to run their operations so smoothly that these perks and bonuses didn’t require jumping through hoops?

    Because airlines suck and are out to get you. They’ve gotten you! You jump through hoops and thank them for the privilege to do so!


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