What the fuck happened to the Hellhole?

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Hello readers. It’s a new year, so I figured I’d take the girl for another twirl, at least until I get bored again and someone has to prod me into coming back again.

Anyway, what happened? Here’s what happened:

  • I collected a lotta points I haven’t yet spent. You know, Earn, Churn & Burn, I still gotta burn. Between Chase, Amex, AA, UA and DL, I’ve still got 1M+ points lying around, and I don’t have a whole litter of offspring to cart around. There’s only two of us, and we have to, you know, work.
  • I’ve been on a 5/24 diet because I still like Chase points and United miles (though I’m reëvaluating all that a bit, which maybe I’ll blather on about in some future post). But, anyway, it means I’ve been paying less attention to what’s out there than I once was. Hell, I’m down to like 15 credit cards. I feel naked.
  • The banks and airlines are making it less fun. Chase bumped their Sapphire bonus cockblock to four fucking years. The SPG card became near worthless for spending on, and Marriott/SPG status became kinda worthless too. Amex added language to deny you a bonus whenever they feel like it. United dropped PQM earning on P (cheapest biz/first) fares from 2 to 1.5. You can no longer use lounges if you’re not flying on the same airline or alliance. American now considers the bathroom on their 737MAX domestic flights to be a paid seat. Etc. I think that when I started this in early 2016, I was probably getting in right before the high water mark (which was probably late 2016/early 2017 period when the Sapphire Reserve had a 100K bonus), and I think as the players smarten up we probably won’t quite get back there.
  • (With all that grousing, I should say that some good things have happened too, like the 4 point per dollar earnings at U.S. restaurants on the rebooted Amex Gold card, and that you can now refer someone to any Amex card, not just the ones you have.)
  • I’ve been putting my creative energy into writing music, which is something I’ve been wanting to do for basically my whole life, and there’s only so many hours in the day. If you want to hear some angsty homemade postpunk-flavored songs about anxiety, depression, and other cheerful themes, like I would have written if I were still 20, head right on over to https://soundcloud.com/ivan_x/.
  • I’d kinda figured out most of what I’d wanted to figure out and felt like I had only so much more to say about it.

But, anyway, let’s reboot the fucker. The landscape has changed in the last six months, as is the nature of things. Plus, new year, as I was saying. That’s means it’s time to reassess shit, plus every now and then I do or figure something out that I want to, you know, share. Plus, I missed the writing, and your comments. So, see ya back here soon.

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