OMFG Delta just gave me $1,200 in near-cash for volunteering to be three hours late

Greetings from 30,000 feet! I’m using the hour of free Gogo WiFi that being a T-Mobile customer gets me. It’s a nice perk.

Anyway, holy shit, check this out: my friend Anthony and I were to be on a flight from LGA to MCI (that’s Kansas City, in case you aren’t up on your midwestern airport codes).

First off, I was happy that the flight allowed me to burn most of some Air France miles that had gotten stuck there because I transferred them from Chase, after AF showed me bogus award space for a Delta flight. Always call to make sure a partner booking is really available before you transfer points to an airline, kids!

Next, we started the day at the LGA Amex Centurion lounge, which if you have to be at an airport, is where you want to be. I ate breakfast. Now I’m full and happy, rather than hungry and cranky. The breakfast was tasty but I’d appreciate if they’d mix up their offerings once in a while.

And then things got even lot better, because when we got to the gate, they asked for volunteers — and they had gotten up to $1,200! There were  cancelled flights the day before, and the aircraft was only a small E-175, so they had to do what they had to do in the post-Dao era. We jumped on it, and got $1,200 apiece! Kick ass! And for our trouble we have to fly through Detroit in a couple of middles and get in about three hours later than planned. No fucking sweat, for that kind of money.

Here’s the best part: usually airlines give you e-vouchers, which expire after a year. Delta offered something much more awesome: I can select from a Delta eGift card (which doesn’t expire, and stays plainly and easily visible in your Delta account)), an Amazon physical gift card (which doesn’t expire), an American Express prepaid card (which expires after six months), and various other brands. All three of those are nearly as good as cash to me. I’ll probably choose the Amex card, because I’m sure I’ll find a way to spend $200 a month on bullshit. Then I can still get 5% back at Amazon by using the Amazon Prime card, or 5 Amex points per dollar if I need to buy a flight.

Last note: I know I love to hate on Delta for their awful award ticket prices, but my experience flying them has usually been pretty good, and today is no exception. This 737 is new and nice, the seats are decent even in economy regular, and the crew has been pleasant. And holy fuck, that volunteer compensation. Using Chase or Amex points to book Delta via Air France (or to buy the ticket outright) can be a decent way to overcome Delta’s shitty award pricing. The product itself really ain’t bad.

Some days you just win the fucking jackpot!


2 thoughts on “OMFG Delta just gave me $1,200 in near-cash for volunteering to be three hours late

  1. Yosh

    This is great and all, but a middle seat? Who are you IvanX? I feel like I don’t even know you. I think you should instead post about how you used your United status to buy tickets for other people. Now that’s something to brag about.

    1. Ivan X Post author

      Yosh, I have to admit that the last 1.5 hours I had to sit on my hands to prevent a fork ending up in someone’s eye. I wasn’t happy, but I just kept chanting a mantra of “$1,200 for free” and it got me through.


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