JetBlue Mosaic is like artistically arranged tiles of cancelled tickets

JetBlue is getting my love lately, because, fuck it, I can just buy tickets, cancel them, buy them, cancel them, and it doesn’t cost me anything to do it.

I love United and all, but lately they’re not getting my ass in their seats. On their coast to coast runs, which are normally operated by their perfectly nice “P.S.” 757’s, they’ve instead been flying an alarming number of their must-avoid 777-200’s, which are sardinelike in both coach and business. And their recent prices for biz class haven’t been knocking me over. And they’ve raised their standard award ticket price for LA/SF<->NY to 60,000 miles one-way. That’s still not as bad as American and Delta, and I didn’t think that extra 10K would make me blanche, but…it sort of does. 60K. Ouch. And there is never biz saver availability (one day I’ll try Plan B, though it sounds like it requires a lot of work and a fair bit of luck, in order to save 25K for a cross-country flight). And don’t get me started on Basic Economy,

I still like flying on United because I have elite status on United. But you know who else I have elite status on now? JetBlue. They had a promo back in August where if you could prove you had status somewhere else, they’d give you their status, called Mosaic, through the end of the year. And I like it! (Though I wouldn’t if they didn’t now have a business class. You know what happens when I fly economy. Someone, possibly me, ends up with a fork in their eye.)

What I like about about Mosaic isn’t the customer service (it’s not as good as United Premier line), nor their upgrade capability (there isn’t any). What I like is this: you can cancel any fuckin’ ticket that you want to, as often as you want to, right up until the flight, without penalty. Whereas every time you change or cancel a ticket on a normal airline, you’re gonna eat $200.

But with Mosaic, no problemo. Price goes down? Cancel it and book it again. Better date becomes available? Same story. Business class award ticket opens on a different airline? Cancel and snag it. Can’t make up your mind? Book a couple of different options and decide later. It just changes the whole game, especially for a planning-impared, impulse driven person like myself.

You don’t actually get your cash returned, because please. Instead, money (including money that came from paying with Chase or Amex points) goes into a “Travel Bank”, where you have a year from when you cancelled to use it. (So if you know you’re gonna cancel something, you might as well wait until shortly before the flight, so you have maximum time to use the credit.) I didn’t like the idea of having my money trapped at JetBlue, but what I’ve found is that if I’ve got a few smacks sitting around in my JetBlue travel bank, then it’s just waiting there for the next ticket that I book. (And then cancel. Because I can.)

What else do you get by being Mosaic? Well, much of the same shit you’d get with entry status on another airline, and some shit you wouldn’t:

  • special check-in desk, at least at JFK
  • a special elite phone number to call, whose voice greeting sounds like it was recorded in a telemarketer’s basement
  • expedited security
  • boarding before everyone else
  • extra leg room seats for about $5-$15 worth of TrueBlue points
  • free drinksies, even in economy (but they don’t have Bailey’s, so what’s the point)
  • two free checked bags
  • bonus award points when booking

To get Mosaic for the rest of the year you qualify, and all of the next:

  • Fly $5,000 worth of JetBlue in a year [this will also earn 15,000 bonus TrueBlue points]
  • Fly $4,000 worth of JetBlue, including a minimum of 30 segments, in a year [this will also earn 15,000 bonus TrueBlue points]
  • Spend $50,000 on the Barclay JetBlue Plus or JetBlue Business card
  • Wait until a promotion period in which you can enroll in a “challenge,” where you fly $1,250 worth of JetBlue in 90 days. The last one was in August, so I’m guessing that’s when they do them.
  • Wait until a promotion period where you can match from any elite status at another airline (this will only last until the end of the year you qualify, not the following year)

The best part about all of this is that I haven’t even flown JetBlue since I acquired Mosaic status. I’ve booked and cancelled a lot of tickets, though!

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