So much for my card diet

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Here’s the thing: I love my fuckin’ cards, but I’m kinda takin a break. Of course, I said that, but then I got two more cards, because I have Churners Disease. Do you know what they’d do to me at Debtors Anonymous? Probably kick me out.

Anyway, I got the Chase Fairmont card mostly because I’m out of my mind, but also because it had no annual fee, two free nights at a Fairmont hotel (which are pretty freakin nice, if not exactly numerous) with a room upgrade, because it’s not under Chase’s 5/24 rule, and because Chase discontinued it, and It’s widely speculated that it will be converted to a Freedom or Freedom Unlimited, which is swell, because I don’t have a Freedom, and can’t get one because I’m like at 19/24. I don’t know. I probably could have lived without it. But then it was going away. So I had to get it. (But you can’t, any more. Sorry to be a tease.)

I also got a Chase Ritz-Carlton card, because its bonus was being decreased from 3 free nights to 2 free nights. 3 is better than 2. It’s also under 5/24, and had been on my list for a while. The card itself is a cold solid heavy chunk of black metal, which I’m embarrased to say I enjoy. The card’s major super ultra win is a $100 rebate (total, not per person) for every cash plane booking of 2 or more people. It also has various other perks and this and that comparable to what you get on other premium cards like the Amex Platinum, Chase Sapphire Reserve, and Citi Prestige.

But *now* I’m really giving it a rest, so that I can re-apply for Chase cards in 2 years. But who am I kidding. I’m only as good as the next never-again offer.

Thanks to Doctor of Credit for alerting me of both of these. I think.

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  1. Joe

    I’m kind of on a “card diet” until maybe next year – keep getting denied due to some credit report shenanigans I was in that ended in 2013.

    Got my CF and CFU, though.


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