Something for everyone in Chicago

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I’m in Chicago. What’s in Chicago? Chicago Seminars. What’s Chicago Seminars? Holy shit you will not even believe me when I tell you. It’s…a conference for points & miles people. This is true. And I am one. So I am here.

In the first session, I am being introduced to ExpertFlyer, which I’d heard about but hadn’t yet gotten around to checking out. One thing I’ve gotten good at is earning. Using the points I’ve earned is still something I’m learning about. ExpertFlyer is a subscription web site that is crazy fucking deep in terms of giving you flight info you could never get directly from an airline, like exactly how many award seats are available on which flights, and it also does things like alerting you when seats become available. And like a billion other things. It’s not for the faint of heart, but my mind is being blown.

And today was a good day because I flew first class to get here (ok, it was only two hours, but still), and my flight attendant Yolanda was SO NICE. She’s my favorite flight attendant ever. And with this flight, I just secured another year of United Premier status, and furthermore I just discovered 13,000 bonus United miles in my account because of some promo I enrolled in earlier in the year and I passed some spending threshold. It seems fitting that these things should happen on my way here.

I’ll post cool stuff as I learn about it. I got another whole day and a half of this!


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