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I might be the only person you know who has been denied Global Entry status. I mean, I got Pre, so yay, but still, what a fucking bummer.

Except it’s less of one now. There’s an app for that. Whatever part of the government is responsible for these things has also come up with a system where you download an app, put in your passport info, use it to take a picture of yourself, and then it puts a QR code on the screen that they scan. You get an express line for this. It’s not in every airport, but it’s in Newark and JFK, so I’m happy.

Caroline and I just used it returning from Finland, and it worked like a dream. I’d say we skipped a two hour line. I’ve never seen an expression on her face like the one I saw when we breezed right through.

And it’s free. If you can’t get your shit together for Global Entry, download this thing as soon as the wheels hit the ground, and you’ll be re-entering the US of A in style, or at least more quickly, hopefully:

If you don’t have Global Entry, GET THIS APP.


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