You can transfer your dumb SPG points to 11 more airlines (so 45 total), and a hotel, by converting to Marriott first

So check this out: We all know, because I just said it 50 times, that SPG points can be transferred to 34 airline programs, and that’s one of the reasons people like them, right? Well, guess what; it’s really 45 airline programs now, plus a hotel (that isn’t SPG/Marriott/Ritz). No one is telling you this, because no one pays any attention to Marriott points transfers. But they exist, and bring along with them 11 airlines (and a hotel) not on SPG’s list. Continue reading

Is the Amex SPG card all that? No, but it’s not total shit, either. [Updated]

A reader asked me why it is (if I may paraphrase) that all the bloggers are so jacked about the Amex Starwood Preferred Guest card, given its relatively low signup bonus, and slow accumulation, and he wonders whether they’re not just a bunch of link whores. Continue reading

Let’s play a game: Legit, or Bullshit?

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Well, you can’t exactly blame the credit card companies for wanting to crack down on the churners any more than you can blame casinos for wanting to throw out card counters. They just want you to be, you know, a normal person, who gets, you know, a card, and spends on that card, and then ideally carries their balance so they can spend the rest of their life in economic debtor’s prison.

But at the same time, they make the rules of the game, and we just play it. I think it’s bullshit when they then say “well, the rules are what we say they are, at any given moment.” So, here’s my roundup of rules designed to harsh our buzz, and whether I think they’re legit, or bullshit. Continue reading

The great card purge part 2: annual fee cards

Like I was saying here, the time has come for me to evaluate the many cards I’ve picked up in the last year, and dump a bunch of the fuckers before I have to pay the annual fee on them. (There’s no reason to close cards that don’t have an annual fee.) Most of these have an annual fee of around $95, but if I ain’t getting $95 of value out of keeping it, well…

Continue reading