Black Friday? Moar like crap Friday, amirite?

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So, like me, I’m sure your inbox is inundated with sales. And I’ve reached this point where I wonder what’s wrong with me, because I just don’t want anything. We live in a 750 square foot one-bedroom apartment and there’s already so much shit in it. Where am I going to put more shit? I did buy some digital shit — an upgrade to Parallels Desktop 13 — because that doesn’t take up any space, but there really isn’t that much more digital shit I want. I could replace old shit like our TV and replace it with new shit, like a better TV, but…why? Because I could instead sit around on my ass doing nothing all day, while my lady sits around on hers, doing her own version of nothing. That is, as Mastercard likes to say, priceless, and nothing I buy will make it better.

With that said, if you feel obligated to perform your patriotic duty as a consumer, here are some places to look for more shit in your life:

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The new Barclay Uber card has nothing to do with Uber, and is pretty solid for a free card. Also, Uber suck.

Ok, so, here is a thing that happened in the last couple of days: Barclay annouced a new Uber-branded Visa credit card, called, creatively, the Uber Visa CardWho the fuck cares, you ask? I don’t, really, because it’s a cash back card rather than a transferable travel points card, but it’s still kind of interesting, even if you never ride Uber. And why would you? The fuckers used to track you for five minutes after you get out of the car. They know what kind of massage you like to get. Continue reading